Our Blue Marble

Our Blue Marble

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Immigration Crisis? NO!

It’s always the Middle East where STUFF HAPPENS that changes the world of humans. What does that say about the current Middle Eastern crisis of mass immigrations to Western Europe? Probably (as usual) only good can come of it. Middle Eastern immigrants are prepared to work for lower wages than earlier residents, so they are valued economically. As global warming hits the world, it can afford less over all. The high standard of living in Western Europe has to come down to sustain the current world population, the planet is limited after all. We cannot take more than it naturally provides, although a reduction in the standard of living is never welcome, it must be accepted. GAIA WINS!”

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

THOUGHTS ON LOVE I like to try and develop another sort of greater love. Now, this could be just because I'm not very good at interpersonal love, but still need the feeling. The greater love I mean, it's the Universal or spiritual love, "agape" to the Buddhists. I feel it most easily through my love of natural beauty. I believe artistic people feel it easily as a response to art, poetry, dance and so on, and may use their response in creativity. Feeling open, both within to the soul and without, to the environment allows this perfect love. Open-hearted I suppose. I practice it sometimes with my pets. If I purposely open my heart, a cat will usually come and sit on me, purring luxuriously. Sometimes several will pile up round me. They are a love-meter. It is the love used in Healing. It is impersonal and all inclusive. With this sort of love one can love without liking or knowing. For me it is connected with the joy and the wonder of the unity of the earth's ecology, the living Gaia, the human race, the galaxy and the universe. It is the joy of the connectedness of everything, the magic of existence and creativity. The perfection and continuing development of this interrelated sphere of life, spirit and matter are the expression of love. Healing, giving, creativity and joy are too. I don’t believe anyone can be happy without regularly expressing and feeling love of some sort.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Land is often used as an investment, but it is much more than a financial investment. Food and fuel is grown on Land, that is it’s real inherent value. Food is what we need to live. My way to safeguard my legacy is growing food and renewable fuel producing trees organically. If the land is not mortgaged no one can take it away.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Interview with Zakaria on CNN 26th July 2015. Hansen’s idea to curb climate change: “As long as fossil fuels are the cheapest energy, people are going to keep burning them and going to find them, to dig them up wherever they can find them. …what we need to do is add a gradually rising fee to the fossil fuels, which you would collect from the fossil fuel companies at the source... And that money should be distributed to - all legal residents of the country. That way the person who does better than average in limiting his carbon footprint will make money, and it will be a big incentive for them to pay attention to their carbon footprint. It will be a big incentive for entrepreneurs to develop no carbon and low carbon energy sources and products. And the economic studies that have been done show that this actually stimulates the economy. So it doesn't cost anything.”

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My little story book

I have published on archive.org a collection of stories that I've written over the years.
Time and Choice or Time to Choose.
    Most of them are pretty short.  They are science fiction and fantasy.  I hope you enjoy them

You can find them at


Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Apollo 17 Blue Marble image of our wonderful home world was the one that changed our view of Earth, literally and deeply.  It was the first one to show the Antarctic icecap.  I’ve replaced the above earth image I had with it.  It was taken and published in 1972.  I remember the impact it made.  Prints of it were seen widely on noticeboards and door. 
   This was before the internet, don’t forget!  It changed everything.  We (the human race) were awed by its beauty.  I believe it started the environmental movement, and widened our view to global instead of national.  The idea of Think Global Act Local became understandable and obvious at that time. It united humanity and gave us new sense of responsibility.